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Airport check-in: Long Beach looks into privatization Печать E-mail
Новости - Зарубежные новости
Автор: Newsmaster   
12.01.2009 07:09
What's new

• City officials in Long Beach, Calif., are considering a proposal to privatize Long Beach Airport, whose Art Deco terminal is a historic landmark in the region.

Patrick West, the city manager, was recently approached by investment bankers about selling the long-term lease of the airport to private investors. The Long Beach City Council plans to meet at a future date to discuss the proposal. "There was no offer," says city spokesman Ed Kamlan. "He's just merely passing it to the city council. It's a very initial kind of inquiry."

The council had scheduled a closed session for discussion last week, but postponed it after local citizens and several council members called for opening it to the public.

Privatizing an airport would initially generate a financial windfall, but the controlling public entity — typically, a city government or an aviation authority — would relinquish operational control and future revenue to the private operator. Long Beach and several other cities are contemplating the option as airport revenue dwindles along with travel demand.

The federal government has an experimental program that would allow five airports in the country to be privatized, only one of which can be a hub airport. Chicago Midway is the only applicant still being actively considered, while four other non-hub slots remain available.

• A bit of Swedish ingenuity is coming to Tulsa International.

Following up on a traveler suggestion, the airport will begin testing a new way of retrieving bags at one of its baggage claim carousels.

Later in the spring, the airport will tape a line on the floor that circles the entire perimeter of the carousel, and travelers will be required to stay behind it as they wait for their bags. Travelers are allowed to step inside the line and approach the carousel only after their bags emerge.

The arrangement would prevent crowds of people jockeying for position at the edge of the carousel and blocking the view of those who are standing behind, says airport spokeswoman Michelle Evans.

The idea came from Rick Hudson, a local resident who saw a similar layout at the airport in Stockholm. "I was amazed at how civilized everyone acted," Hudson told Tulsa World. "Everyone stood behind the yellow line, and they waited for their bags to arrive. After they retrieved one bag, they took it behind the yellow line and waited for their other bag."

• Lufthansa will unveil this week its newly expanded lounge at New York John F. Kennedy. Located past security in Terminal 1, the 16,000-square-foot facility is about twice the size of the German airline's original JFK lounge and features three levels, each dedicated to one of its three premium passenger segments.

The JFK facility is a part of Lufthansa's $200 million plan to renovate its lounges at 22 airports worldwide. It recently opened a lounge at Detroit Metro's new North Terminal. Next month, it plans to complete the renovation of its lounge at Washington Dulles.

• Northwest has moved most of its operations at Salt Lake City International to Terminal 2 from Terminal 1. Delta, which recently merged with Northwest, operates at Terminal 2. Northwest's ticket and bag-check counters will remain in Terminal 1 until Jan. 26.

Facts and figures

• Capital expenditure commitments at airports worldwide — the amount budgeted for infrastructure and construction projects — rose 25% in 2008 to $50 billion, according to Geneva-based Airports Council International, which calculated the figure from financial data submitted by 565 airports.

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